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Norm, Jenny, Wanda Acronym, Albert, Bob Webber, Mindy, Mrs. Johnson, Johnson family poodle, Melanie, Rodney, Dave and Rick, Unnamed beach dancer, Bobby Nelson, Lorraine, Dr. Feelbetter, Charles Pipping IV, Stubbings, Lloyd Wexler, Gaston Le Mode, Agente E, Boris, Morty Williams, Lulu Jones, Fifi, Conk, Unnamed bully, Characters from The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein, Beppo Brown, Mr. McGillicuddy, Wendy, Hans, Blanca Dishon, P. P. Otter, Goldie, Agent Double 0-0, Elizabeth, Thaddeus and Thor, Mandy, Planty the Potted Plant and more.